We have always wanted to protect the outdoors that we enjoy and when we started the business in 2006 we vowed never to use a plastic bag in the business, so we have always used paper bags.

Although this was a lot more expensive, we thought it was the right thing to do.

We made our own counters and repurposed nearly all of the display cabinets, and have tried to use as many secondhand shopfittings as possible. This not only saved us money but was better for the planet.

Our energy supplies come from green renewable energy and we have lowered all electrical useage by changing to LED lighting and low consumption appliances.

We run an electric car and do local deliveries with zero emissions to protect the clean air in Weston.

We choose our suppliers and products very carefully and their environmental credentials are a big consideration when choosing them.

Our goal would be to power the shop via solar or wind power directly, virtually eliminating any use from the national grid !

We are working on it ;)

Some of Our Lovely Customers

Here are some of our lovely customers who we have helped with equipment to travel all over the world.